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Entrance Requirements:


Personal Care Aide Certificate


Course Topics Covered:

Orientation to Health Related 
Performing Simple Measurements & Tests 
Complex Modified Diets 
Assisting w/ Prescribed Exercise Program 
Assisting w/ use of Prescribed Medical
Equipment, Supplies & Devices
Assisting w/ Special Skin Care 
Assisting w/ a Dressing Change 
Assisting w/ Ostomy Care 8
Internship in a Hospital or Home Care Agency


Occupations Leading:


Home Health Aide

Application Requirements:


In order for your meeting to be more successful with your advisor it is recommended that you bring the following documents on your scheduled visit:

Federal Photo ID

Social Security Card

High School Diploma or GED*

Updated Resume (if applicable)


* If you do not have a High School Diploma or GED, you are still able to register for classes at Clinton Institute by passing the entrance test, however, your options for financial assistance may become limited.

PCA Upgarde
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